Application examples

Supervisory control of brick and ceramics kilns

Sielco Sistemi realised a family of applications for supervision and control of brick and ceramics kilns.
The systems allow to control process variables (temperature, pressure, dilution, ...) and to analyse them in time related charts.
Repeatability and production quality are ensured by production recipes management and batch reports.
In continuous kilns applications, it is possible to display current and theoretical product temperature curve in order to verify immediately the quality of the running process.
In intermittent kilns applications, it is possible to build the temperature and air dilution curve that the kiln will execute with screen preview.
The systems optionally control burners gas and electrical energy consumption, reporting them for each production or part of plant.
All systems can be integrated in a TCP/IP protocol network with client/server structure.

Continuous and intermittent brick and ceramics kilns supervision (screenshots)