Application examples

Monitoring of medical devices with controlled temperatures

T-guard, a system based on SCADA software platform Winlog and realised in partnership with Biomed Consulting company, has been installed in many hospitals and research facilities in order to ensure the continuous monitoring of all medical devices providing a steady and controlled temperature (refrigerators, freezers, ..) and to guarantee the conservation for a long time of special tissues and materials; any operational abnormal condition is immediately recognized and filtered according to user settings; in case of persistent anomalies an alarm is created that, depending on its gravity, can be related with a local signal (siren, lamp, ...) or broadcast via SMS to a maintenance technician cellular phone; a TCP/IP network provides all data related to devices functionality and organic material conservation to one or more client analysis stations; at defined time interval or at user request, the system provides periodic report printing that are required to obtain the Certification of Quality according to European rules ISO 9000.

Monitoring system of medical devices with controlled temperatures (screenshots)