Support contacts


Technical assistance

Sielco Sistemi ensures to its customers a personalized technical assistance service that gives the possibility to access more qualified technical levels and to obtain a prompt aid for getting the best solution to any problem that can arise.
Service is provided by a competent and qualified team, that is able to give an answer to all your queries.
For more complex problems the Sielco Sistemi R&D development team is involved to find out the best solution.

Technical assistance can be accessed via e-mail and is provided without any additional cost for 3 to 12 months in case of purchase of a development license.
When the free cost period has expired, technical assistance can be requested stipulating a special assistance contract.
Otherwise it is possible to request technical assistance with the "pay per accident" formula.

Free-cost support

Sielco Sistemi offers to all customers that purchase a development license of the software SCADA Winlog a free of charge technical support for a period of 3 to 12 months.
The service is provided via e-mail and is reserved to all registered Winlog customers. To access the service, the customer must communicate Company name, type of Winlog license purchased, date of purchase and software version.

Assistance contracts

To guarantee a technical assistance service that continues with time, Sielco Sistemi offers to its customers the possibility to stipulate special assistance contracts; during the period stated by the contract, the customer has the possibility to profit of the technical assistance service up to a predefined number of hours; during the same period the customer will receive all Winlog update versions without any additional cost.

The following assistance contracts are available.

The contract includes:

  • e-mail assistance up to a max of 6 hours*,
  • delivery of all Winlog update version**,
  • period: three months.

The contract includes:

  • e-mail assistance up to a max of 16 hours*,
  • delivery of all Winlog update version**,
  • period: twelve months.

* Assistance hours include all time spent to analyse customer's request

** Winlog update do not include paper manuals; all documentation is provided in an electronic format

Pay per accident

Pay per accident formula gives the possibility to profit of Sielco Sistemi technical assistance even if no assistance contract has been stipulated and free cost assistance period has expired.
With this formula, technical assistance service is requested only if necessary, and the payment refers only to the received service. The cost is calculated applying a fix value to each request and adding a variable cost according to the number of hours necessary for solving the problem. No cost will be requested if the problem is directly related to a software bug.

Training courses

Sielco Sistemi offers to its customers training courses at different levels to get practice in the use of Winlog software.
Courses are personalized according to customer requirements and to software application sector.
The purpose of the course is always pratical: to use properly the software tools and to be able to develop complete run-time applications. In all courses the theoretical sessions are always followed by practical sessions; special "hand-on" sessions give to all participants a direct familiarity with Winlog platform by developing special application or finding out, with the aid of the trainer, the right solution to any specific problem.