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Development tools

Project Manager is an integrated development environment that provides different tools (Gate Builder, Template Builder, Code Builder) for the easy and intuitive creation of any Winlog application.

Gate Builder is the tool for setting up your gates (tags) database quickly and easily; different kinds of gates (numeric, digital, string, compound, event, alarm) can be defined and assigned their right properties (name, description, address, measurement unit, scale factor, etc.). Gates can be read from external devices (controllers, PLCs, indicators, data acquisition modules, etc.) or generated by the software itself. The sampling method can be configured for each gate (or set of gates) to obtain a satisfactory data update frequency without using too much disk memory (block reading, reading on scheme, record only in case of significant variation, etc.).

Gate Builder screenshot

Template Builder is the tool for an easy and intuitive creation of templates and display pages; all you have to do to build a template is to arrange on the screen the objects (bitmaps, metafiles, text, values, status bars, leds and control icons) and to define their properties (dimensions, styles, associated tags, etc.). Each object of the template can be assigned to a control that allows access only by the class of operators with a specific password level. A library of over 3000 industrial automation symbols (pumps, valves, motors, tanks, PLCs, piping, etc.) is also available.

Template Builder screenshot

Code Builder is the integrated development environment that gives the possibility to enrich and personalise the application; a simple C-like programming language allows the programmer to interact with all the elements of Winlog (tags, templates, recipes, reports, etc.), to define loops or "if-then-else" conditions, to create functions (Macro) that can be executed automatically or under operator control. The editor allows an easy recalling of all functions and language structures and provides a series of syntactic controls.

Code Builder screenshot