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Winlog Lite, free SCADA HMI software


Winlog supervisory software provides two kind of licenses: a family of development and run-time keys (WINLOG-E) and a unique run-time key (WINLOG-R).

WINLOG-E: development and run-time keys
WINLOG-E keys allow creation and execution of any Winlog application; various models of WINLOG-E keys are available that differ only for the number of tags managed (64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 65536); the same development tools, communication protocols and other Winlog functions are provided by all Winlog keys, without any limit. The application created with the WINLOG-E key can be executed using the same development key (WINLOG-E) or the run-time key (WINLOG-R).
The following models of WINLOG-E keys are available:

  • WINLOG-E/S: up to 64 sampled tags
  • WINLOG-E/S1: up to 128 sampled tags
  • WINLOG-E/I: up to 256 sampled tags
  • WINLOG-E/I1: up to 512 sampled tags
  • WINLOG-E/I2: up to 1024 sampled tags
  • WINLOG-E/M: up to 2048 sampled tags
  • WINLOG-E/X: up to 65536 sampled tags

WINLOG-R: run-time key
WINLOG-R key allows execution of any Winlog application created with one of the development keys WINLOG-E. The WINLOG-R key has no limit on the number of tags that can be managed by the application; the same key can be used to execute any Winlog application, independently from the WINLOG-E development key used to create the application itself. The WINLOG-R key is only a run-time key that doesn't make it possible to modify the application adding or deleting tags.

Symbol Factory
The Symbol Factory is a library of other 3000 symbols for industrial automation; the library includes pumps, valves, motors, tanks, PLCs, piping, ISA symbols, etc., that are organized in 56 categories. Library functions give the possibility to operate on the symbols to change colour, modify dimensions or rotate the image.