Sielco Sistemi is a new Italian company created by the original group that since beginning of 1990 has designed and realized Winlog, the software package for automation. Our mission is to promote the diffusion of Winlog software all over the world thanks to a continuous work of product updating and improving and to a strict cooperation with our customers and with our network of Distributors and Solution Providers. Besides Winlog software, Sielco Sistemi offers a family of industrial panel PC and provides complete hardware/software solutions for industrial plant supervision, production data acquisition, quality control.


Our know-how comes out from twenty years of direct experience on the field; our clients are machine manufacturers, production managers, engineering companies, system integrators. We have provided systems for industrial plant supervision, for production data acquisition and processing, for quality control of production and storing process, for remote control of public utility networks. We have gained a specific know-how in various industrial sectors, from textile to plastic, from wood processing to food industry, from ceramics to telecommunications.


Client satisfaction is the first item of our way of working; to cooperate with our customers, to find a common language, to understand problems and to provide solutions, to answer promptly to every request, all of these items are a commitment for everyone of us. Our services include training courses, cooperation for project specification and design, joined development of the application, assistance during start-up, post-sale support and assistance contracts.